Shabbos Night Live
-Rabbi Butman - English
-Rabbi Butman - Hebrew
Oct 20, 2018

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: Why the Rebbe asked a Jewish man 3 times what are his plans for Shabbos? and the origin of the food menu of Chabad centers. Video

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The worldwide Chabad community adopts the Mekler family

10 orphans ages 6-20 left completely alone

Their mother is in Heaven

Their father is in the Hospital

Who will care for them if not us?

The Mekler Family Fund was established and is supervised by Rabbi Menachem M. Gluckowsky

Please donate generously at
Oct 20, 2018

Mic Drop: Social media star Meir Kay opens up for the first time about his own struggles with depression and has a message to the public.

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Oct 19, 2018

Photo: Hasidic Archives

Motzoei Shabbos story: The open-hearted statement that the Mashpia R' Chatche Feigin that moved the bochurim at a farbrengen. Full Story

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First 2 raffle winners to the Nshei UBnos Chabad Convention in Minnesota, Nov 16-18, are:
Joyce Weinberg, Sacramento, CA
Esther Michaels, Crown Heights, NY

Try your luck at



Jewish Womens Retreat
Radisson Blu at Mall of America, Minneapolis MN
November 16-18, 2018/Kislev 8-10, 5779
Click here for full flyer

Featuring Rabbi Manis Friedman, Dean of Bais Chana Women International and Rabbi Shmuel Lew, Senior Chabad Emissary London and Dean of Lubavitch Girls School England

Workshops and Discussions, Elegant Cuisine, Boutiques, and Farbrengens

Register on-line for the Early Bird Special

Raffles will be sold for free conventions

For further info: 651-554-7700
Dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Mindy Feller AH
Oct 20, 2018

Jewish Girls Unite launched " the Voice of Sarah" writing contest, open to Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds.
Full Story

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Oct 20, 2018

A diner at the Pho-Men on Troy in Crown Heights chats with owner Levi Jurkowicz about the Asian, exotic and kosher noodle house. Full Story

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Oct 19, 2018

A man who attacked a Chasidic Jew in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood this week will not be charged with a hate crime, COLlive has learned. Full Story


Oct 19, 2018

The Shluchim Office has announced the head staff of the upcoming Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim to take place in New York. Plus: 24 hours left for parents to register. Full Story


Oct 19, 2018

Cardiologist Dr. Jack Rubinstein, who made headlines with a study on the health benefits of Tefillin, visited Yeshivas Lubavitch of Cincinnati. Full Story


Oct 19, 2018

The Late Parsha Show with Eli Weiss: We are continuing the journey Avraham Avinu started. Ahavas Yisroel is the way to go. Video

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Oct 19, 2018

A celebration will take place in Crown Heights this Sunday to mark the completion of a new Sefer Torah, dedicated in memory of Moty Scheinfeld OBM, at his second Yartzeit. Full Story


Oct 19, 2018

Tzivos Hashem welcomed its newest five star general, 5-month-old Aryeh Leib Perl, who has inspired thousands around the world to do Mitzvos in his honor. Full Story, Photos, Video


Oct 19, 2018

The Avner Institute presents a photo of the Rebbe praying at the Ohel of the Previous Rebbe in 1963. Photo

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Oct 19, 2018


The stories that trickle in to the Kupat HaIr office might shock you: large families of children abandoned after car accidents, kallahs living on the streets, and cancer patients without money for their next treatment. Full Story

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Oct 18, 2018

TEDx Detroit hosted Friendship Circle Director Bassie Shemtov and Felicia Bowers, an artist with cerebral palsy, on its stage. Video

Oct 18, 2018

Lieutenant General Nadja West, U.S. Army Surgeon General, speaks with Dr. David Glazer, at the VA Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. More

Oct 18, 2018

From the COLlive inbox: A Crown Heights resident recounts how the trusted aide of her elderly mother ransacked precious valuables. Full Story

Oct 18, 2018

Photos: Benams Photo

The L'Chaim of Mendel Jacobson of Crown Heights and Sarita Fellig of Montreal, Canada took place at the Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights. Photos

Oct 18, 2018

Farrukh Afzal, who violently assaulted a Jewish man in Boro Park, was freed on a $15,000 bail and won't face hate crime charges. Full Story, Video

Oct 18, 2018

Chabad of Hunterdon County, NJ, directed by Rabbi Eli and Rachel Kornfeld, broke ground this week on a new $4.7 million center. Full Story, Photos

Oct 18, 2018

Rabbi Zalman Notik, a beloved Mashpia to many, is suffering from a terrible disease. His family has a message for Anash around the world. Full Story

Oct 18, 2018

Producer Chaim Hershkowitz teams up with singer-songwriter Chanale Fellig-Harrel to bring the Parsha to life in the new DVD Parsha Time. Full Story, Video

Oct 18, 2018

At the shiva for two young people killed in a terror attack in the Barkan Industrial Zone in Israel, Chabad suggested a comforting idea. Full Story

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Oct 18, 2018

A half-match was found for teacher Leah Barouk in need of a life saving bone marrow transplant, scheduled to take place at a Boston hospital. Full Story

Oct 18, 2018

Rabbi Meir Bastomsky of Kfar Chabad tells of his journey to Judaism and the Rebbe's response to whether he should trim his beard so as not to upset his father. Full Story

Oct 18, 2018

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

The wedding of Dovi Greenspan and Rivky Borisute, both of Crown Heights took place at Oholei Torah in Crown Heights. Photos

Oct 18, 2018

10,000 Shabbat Songbooks were donated to 250 Chabad centers on campus to help engage students and young professionals. Full Story

Oct 17, 2018

Israel approved the establishment of a new neighborhood for Jewish residents of Chevron on property purchased by Chabad in 1909. Full Story

Oct 17, 2018

Jewish Caucus, community, and faith leaders united at One Police Plaza to denounce 2 recent anti-Semitic assaults in Crown Heights and Boro Park. Full Story

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Chabad Calendar
Torah Ohr class with Rabbi Paltiel on Shabbos morning Lech-Lecha 8:45-9:45 AM more info on at Mishkan Menachem (JCM Side Entrance)
SHIUR IN TORAH OHR WITH RABBI SHOLOM DOVID GEISINSKY at anshei maaseh/1466 union st near kingston
A special Shleimus HaAretz event in honor of Rachel Imeinus Yartzheit! TOMORROW! October 21, 2018 4 PM Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation 24th Annual Dinner RSVP 212-470-0967 or Manhattan Beach Jewish Center 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Featured Speakers Rabbi Ron Yitzchak Eisenman; Dr. Jon Greenberg; Dov Hikind; Cindy Grosz; artist Yaeli Vogel & Josh Wander remembering Ari Fuld, HYD at Manhattan Beach Jewish Center | 60 West End Avenue | Brooklyn,
There will be a Farbrengen, Shabbos Parsha "Lech Lecha", led by Rabbi S. Samuels. All are invited. at beis midrash lanoshim, 770
There will be a Farbrengen in HEBREW in honor of Shabbos Parsha "Lech Lecha". Everyone is invited. at beis midrash lanoshim,770
There will be a Melave Malka in honor of Shabbos Parsha "Lech Lecha". A delicious Meal will be served. We will also listen to a guest speaker. Everyone is invited. at beis midrash lanoshim, 770
Oct 21
Join us for story time with guest author Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi as she reads one of her newest books, Color My Day! Geared for ages 4-8 yrs. at Levi Yitzchok Library - 305 Kingston Avenue
Oct 21
Free Live Dance Class for Lubavitcher Girls Ages 5-12. The live class will be streamed via Facebook Live, so join the group "Shira Dance Online" to get access. For more information see at Shira Dance Online
Oct 21
Sport class for boys 4-7 years old. Games, physical exercises. Methodical development of concentration, attention and self-control.718 288 2947. at chcc new gym.899 Montgomery.
Oct 21
CHJCC. Self-defense training program for boys 8-12 years old.718 288 2947 at chcc new gym.899 Montgomery.
Oct 21
RCCS Preview Auction. Come buy tickets to help Fight cancer. at 309 New York Ave
Oct 21
cchjcc. "MEN'S HEALTH" 8.00-9.00p.m..Problems with joints, prostate, spine, overweight.Reductive gymnastics for men.Instructor, intarnation Master with 20 years of experience.718 288 2947. at chcc new gym.899 Montgomery.
Oct 22
Mommies & Children join us for Mommy & Me musical davening, music and movement with Morah Rivky! at Levi Yitzchok Library - 305 Kingston Avenue

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Recent Classifieds
- Park Slope/Gowanus Industrial Chic Space
This space is a GEM. 2,500 sq ft of gorgeous, open, whitewashed original brick walls and columns. One wall with original brick, not whitewash | more...
- Looking for 4 bochurim for Smicha program/Community Shlichus in Boston
Looking for 4 serious bochurim for a new smicha program combined with community shlichus in beautiful Boston MA. Structured 3-hours a day | more...
- Administrative assistant
Great opportunity for the right person! We are Looking for someone to replace a position as a administrative assistant at a established com | more...
- Teacher and assistant teacher position available in excellent Pre School 1 hour from Crown heights
An excellent Pre School has positions for a Teacher and assistant Teacher, the Pre School is a very warm and friendly place to work, we are 1 | more...
- Bachur Shlichus with Smicha
Small Yeshiva/ Smicha Program for age 18+ looking for bachur who would like to learn Smicha and also be dorm counselor/ Shliach to arrange Miv | more...
- One more girl needed for Far East Shlichus
Are you available to come out to Hong Kong from Tishrei - Chanukah to assist with kids programming? See another part of the world and make a | more...
- Job opportunity
Brooklyn-based company located in the crown heights area looking to hire a full time female assistant bookkeeper. Experience in QuickBooks and | more...
- Shaloh House Boston: Immediate Openings for Post-Seminary Girls
Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton MA is looking for the energetic and motivated teachers for our Elementary and Preschool grades. | more...
- Secretary Position Available
SECRETARY POSITION open for Girls' High School in Crown Heights, Hrs: Mon- Thur, 12:30-5:30 PM (optional Sunday 11-1 PM) Please contact: bk | more...
- Chabad ELC in Riverdale is looking for a lead teacher
Chabad of Riverdale is looking for a lead teacher for our 3's, competitive salary, supportive and positive working environment, transportatio | more...
- Teacher opportunity for maternity leave
Seeking preschool teacher for 6 weeks (Beginning Oct 5) Requirements: Preschool teaching experience Masters and NY state Teacher Certific | more...
Short Term Rentals LUXURY SHORT TERM RENTAL ON Albany ave Short term luxurious apt. for rent!!! for 1st days of sukkot 2018 Located just mi | more...
- Shabbos Chol Hamoed simchas torah
Are you looking to go away and have everything done for you? Saratoga Chabad has a guest house that can accommodate large or small groups nea | more...
- Hebrew School Teaching Position Sunday Mornings
Good pay, curriculum provided, supportive work environment and warm community. Located in Clinton NJ. Classes begin October 7. $120 per Su | more...
- Shliach needed for small Yeshiva Program
Shlichus position available for small Yeshiva program for someone who wants to learn Smicha while coordinating extra curricular activities for | more...
Chabad on Campus International seeks a Full Charge Bookkeeper/Controller to manage our accounting requirements. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTI | more...
Seeking bright responsible women In a one girl office in new Williamsburg to assist owner with multiple entities Must be organized and detai | more...
- office administrator/ Shlichus
Chabad in Long Island seeking an office administrator with computer skills, proficient in English grammer, communicative, articulate and organ | more...
- Move to a Great Chabad House Community
Were Shluchim in a small but growing Chabad House. Our town has affordable housing, good job market, warm community - approx 1 hr flight or l | more...
Approximately 1000 ft. fully finished beautiful basement Ceramic tile floor, completely sheet rocked, with windows, 8 foot ceilings and Good | more...
- Affordable Fully detached home in CH/ E Flatbush
Fully renovated with central heating and air conditioning boasting 3+ bedrooms and 4 bathrooms . Split level living room / study , spacious li | more...
- Psychotherapist
Lisa Rosenblatt, LCSW (516)313-9483 Are you feelin | more...
- Secretary F/T
Busy office in Williamsburg looking for full time secretary. Must understand basic Yiddish. Please email
- Plots for sale
I have one plot available, half a block from the Rebbe at the Ohel. Serious inquiries only. Please call or text Max 347-786-3630
Seeking bright responsible women In a 1 girl office to assist owner with multiple entities and help him to delegate Must be organized and de | more...

Nichum Aveilim
-Shaindel Blasberg is sitting shiva after the passing of her at 621 E New York Ave, Apt 6L
10am to 12, 2 to 5:30, 8 to 10pm
-Shiva for R' Mordechai Benasher-Kravitsky until Wed morning:

Rabbi Osher Kravitsky (Great Neck, NY), Shmulik Kravitsky (Amherst, MA) Yisroel Yehuda Benasher, and Mrs. Raya Benasher will be sitting Shiva at
194 Amity Street Amherst MA 01002. Schachris @ 9:00 am, Mincha / Maariv at 6:00 PM.

R' Moshe Kravitsky will be sitting at his home 346 New York Avenue, Apt 2B (corner President and New York). Shachris 9:30 am, Mincha / Maariv 5:45 pm. Visitation ends at 10:30 PM

Found sterling silver Pandora bracelet with charms on 11/16/18, around 7:15pm, on Kingston between Union/President, right near Crown Drugs. Please text with simanim (number/kind/color of charms)
Lost pink and gray baby blanket near crown and Troy.. Please contact me if found 845 709 4744
Found a bracelet at the Brikman- Marasow wedding. Please call 718 813-2696 to claim.
Baby blanket was found on Yom Tov on the corner of Montgomery and Brooklyn Ave
Please call me if it is yours 718-288-9548
i found a "kameiah" on brooklyn ave if it is yours please text 917 586 2608

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent:

Tefillin lost yesterday, Chof Daled Tishrei, in 770. The Tfillin bag is a grey and black shoulder bag with the name Yosef Yitzchok Rothchild in Hebrew. If you find it or have any info please contact (972) 0543512770 immediately. Thank you.
Ive mistakenly taken a Machzor on Rosh Hashana night. Its a gift from Day Camp Bnos Menachem. It has the name and year on it. Please contact to claim this.

Tricolor gold earring lost Simchas Torah day, on Kingston Avenue, between Crown St and Mishkan Menachem shul
I can identify it with its match. Please contact

Tefillin got lost in Newark Airport on Sept. 17 near the Jet Blue baggage taxi stand. The tefillin bag is a bluish monogrammed leather shoulder bag with his name, Yisroel Kotlarsky (in hebrew) on it. There are 2 pairs of tefillin, shel yad and shel rosh. If you find it or have any information, please contact Chany Kotlarsky at 845-641-1312 or Thank you.
(Please share on chats)
My wig fell out of the bottom of my babys stroller and is somewhere in CH. It is in a Milano round carry bag.
If anyone finds it, please call, text or whatsapp: 718-613-9630

My 15 year old son is missing his wallet he thinks it was lost or stolen at somchat beit hasheava last night, Wednesday noght. Does not have his name in it but a lot of cash and Canadian cash a metro card a gift certificate to a seforim store and a T Mobil card. If it was seen on Kingston please please let me know 8575444917

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